A Little History Of Poetry

An anthology of the best poems from the greatest poets

A poem seems a fragile thing. Change a word and it is broken. But poems outlive empires and survive the devastation of conquests. A scrap of a poem, a snatched phrase drifting through the mind, can evoke a sense of the extraordinary and the commonplace. Poems are like blessings, spoken for everyone.

Celebrated as an Oxford professor uniquely able to communicate the excitement of literature, John Carey here presents an anthology of verse based on a simple principle: select the 100 greatest poets from across the centuries, and then choose their finest poems.

Ranging from Homer and Sappho to Donne, Milton, Plath and Angelou, this is a delightful and accessible introduction to the very best that poetry can offer - all woven together with Carey's expert commentary.


(Review: Andrew Male 26 September 2021)



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