The Unexpected ProfessorThe Poems of John MiltonAndrew Marvell a Critical AnthologyThe Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified SinnerThe Violent EffigyChrisitan DoctrineThackeray, Prodigal GeniusEnglish Renaissance StudiesJohn Donne, Life Mind and ArtWilliam Golding, The Man and his BooksThe Faber book of ReportageOriginal CopyJohn Donne, The Major WorksThe Intellectuals and the MassesBrighton RockNicholas NicklebyShort Stories and The Unbearable BassingtonThe Faber Book of ScienceThe Selected Poetry of John DonneThe Faber Book of UtopiasPure PleasureGeorge Orwell. EssaysThe Joke and its Relation to the SubconsciousVanity FairWhat Good are the Arts?William Golding. The Man Who Wrote Lord of the FliesModern DelightThe Essential Paradise Lost

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